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Other Policies

Internet Use

Student Internet usage is available only with parent permission.  The privilege may be revoked for improper use.  Students are responsible for keeping track of their own user names and passwords.  Please keep this information PRIVATE.  Students will use the same user name and password throughout their secondary years in our district (grades 7-12).

Academic Honesty Policy

Citrus Hills Intermediate School expects students to do their own homework, to test without using unauthorized help, and to submit original work for all assignments. Students are expected not to cheat. Students not following the academic policy will receive school consequence.  Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Turning in any work, or part thereof, that is not the student’s own work
  • Using electronic devices to cheat. Students may not look up, photograph, record or text information during testing sessions (offense may warrant suspension)
  • Copying someone else’s work or allowing others to copy yours
  • Putting your name on another student’s paper/project/work
  • Using a “cheat sheet” or any unauthorized information on a quiz/test
  • Providing unapproved help to another student on a quiz or test
  • Using material from the internet without proper citation and credit
  • Tampering with any teacher’s grade records or tests (offense may warrant suspension)


Students will have the opportunity to participate in many activities throughout the year (dances, field trips, PAWS Student Reward Events, 8th Grade End-of-the Year Carnival, etc.).  All students are expected to demonstrate appropriate school behavior at all activities.  The following guidelines and expectations have been established to be able to participate in these special activities:


  • Students must maintain passing grades in ALL courses.


  • Students earning multiple behavior violations resulting in administrative disciplinary action or issued a suspension (on-campus and/or off-campus) may be excluded from participating in school activities.


  •  Students must attend 90% or more of the school days/periods that they are enrolled in to participate in the activities.
  • Students demonstrating poor attendance habits (i.e. excessive tardies, truancies, no documentation from medical appointments, or frequent early dismissals) will be referred to administration and may be excluded from participating in the school activities.


The Promotion Ceremony is the final event of the school year for 8th graders as their family, friends, and the Citrus Hills staff join to celebrate their promotion to high school.  In addition to the above guidelines, all students maintaining a 1.5 or higher “cumulative” GPA will participate in the Promotion Ceremony.  The cumulative GPA is calculated for 7th and 8th grade combined.

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