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Student Discipline


CNUSD supports a Multi-Tiered System of Support that teaches students positive behavior expectations and promotes preventative behavior strategies on campus.  The expectations of behavior are identified on the PAWS Behavior Matrix. 

The levels of progressive discipline vary depending on various factors and include various levels of restorative communication with the student to provide a solution-focused approach.

Misbehaviors that are repeated or disruptive to learning may receive mid-level consequences like, lunch detention, after school detention, or intervention placement in an alternative classroom. 


The Board of Education of the Corona-Norco Unified School District has approved and will enforce appropriate penalties for student involvement according to the recommended disciplinary guidelines.  When possible, other means of correction will be attempted prior to suspension, which can include positive behavior support, social emotional lessons, parent contact or conferences, conflict mediation, counseling, as well as low level progressive discipline steps.  These regulations apply to any school related activity, including but not limited to:

  • On school grounds
  • Going to/from school
  • During lunch time
  • At a school-sponsored activity


The California Education Code identifies behaviors that are subject to suspension, which can be in-school or off-campus, depending on the severity of the situation and the history of the student’s behavior.  These include:

  • Theft or robbery, or receiving stolen property
  • Damaging school property
  • Obscene acts/gestures or habitual profanity/vulgarity
  • Harassing or threatening a witness
  • Instigating or aiding in the injury of another
  • Harassment (hurtful jokes, comments, physical contact, etc.)

Fighting or Attempting to Fight:

Threatening to fight, fighting, or attempting to fight will result in suspension. A third fight will result in a recommendation of expulsion. Any student who causes serious bodily injury, strikes a district employee, or make terrorist threats will be recommended for expulsion. 

Our expectation is for students to avoid verbal/physical confrontations by walking away and seeking the assistance of school staff in resolving potential conflicts.  Students are advised to seek conflict mediation from the PALs program at the first sign of serious conflict.

Dangerous Objects:

The possession, sale or furnishing of any knife, explosive, or other dangerous object, including but not limited to Swiss-Army style knives, exacto knives, box cutters, single-edge razor blades, pepper spray, BB/pellet gun, martial arts combat equipment, and brass knuckles is prohibited. Any student who brandishes a knife; possesses, sells, or furnishes a firearm; or possesses an explosive will be recommended for expulsion and referred to law enforcement.

If any student has questions regarding the appropriateness of an object on campus, they should ask school administration prior to bringing the object on campus. Any student who inadvertently brings an object onto campus that is prohibited should turn it in to a teacher or administrator immediately; doing so will avoid disciplinary consequences.  

Controlled Substances:

Controlled substances include illegal drugs, alcohol, and THC vapes.  Students found in possession, under the influence, or having used them will be subject to suspension and referral to law enforcement.  Upon a second offense, students at all grade levels will be recommended for expulsion.  Any student selling or furnishing drugs or alcohol will be recommended for expulsion on a first offense.

Students found in possession of drug paraphernalia may be suspended. 

Sexual Harassment/Assault/Battery:

Sexual harassment which includes references to gender, sexual orientation, “private” parts, or sexual acts, whether joking or serious, will result in a suspension.  

Sexual assault or battery is a violation of state and federal laws.  Students committing or attempting to commit a sexual assault or battery will be recommended for expulsion and referred to law enforcement.

There may also be a referral to the district administration for investigation of a U.S. Department of Civil Rights Title IX violation.


Bullying is defined as any severe or persistent act toward one or more students that causes, or threatens to cause, bodily harm, fear or emotional suffering, creates a hostile learning environment, or disrupts the normal operation of a school, classroom, or school related activity.  Bullying can be verbal, written, physical, or electronic.

Students who engage in bullying (including cyber bullying) on campus, traveling to or from school, at school activities, or in a manner otherwise related to school attendance, shall be subject to suspension.

A student shall be subject to suspension or expulsion for off-campus expressions (including via electronic means), when such expressions are obscene, libelous, or slanderous, or when such expression poses a threat to the safety of other students, staff, or school property, or disrupts the educational program.

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