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School Site Council


The Governing Board encourages employees, students, parents/guardians and other members of the school community to develop school plans designed to meet the specific needs at individual school sites. The Board may approve or disapprove school plans as necessary in order to fulfill the district’s mission, accomplish the Board’s adopted goals and/or comply with legal requirements.

When submitting a consolidated application for state and federal categorical programs to the California Department of Education, the Superintendent or designee shall assure that a single plan for student achievement has been prepared for each participating school in accordance with law (Education Code 64001).

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that schools desiring to participate in categorical programs establish and maintain a school site council. Such councils shall be responsible for the development, review, and modification of school plans and for other duties as prescribed by law.

Education Codes 52-53, 8750-8754, 18100-18203, 44520-44534, 44670.1-44671.5, 44500-44508, 51870-51874, 52000-52049.1, 52053-52055.51, 52176, 52200-52212, 52340-52346, 52800-52904, 54000-54041, 54100-54145, 54425, 54650-54659, 54720-54734, 56000-56885, 64000, 64001 Code of Regulations, Title 5 3930-3937

Half of the school site council membership shall consist of school staff, the majority of whom shall be classroom teachers. For elementary school site councils, the remaining half shall be parents/guardians or parent/guardian representatives. For secondary school site councils, the remaining half shall be equal numbers of parents/guardians (or parent/guardian representatives) and students (Education Code 52012, 52852, 54724).

In order for a school to participate in state and federal categorical programs funded through the state’s consolidated application process, the school site council shall consolidate and approve a single plan for student achievement. This plan shall be aligned with school goals for improving student achievement and shall be based on an analysis of verifiable state data, including Adequate Yearly Progress, the Academic Performance Index and the California English Language Development Test, and any other data voluntarily developed by the district to measure student achievement (Education Code 64001).

3. Identify how state and federal law governing these programs will be implemented.

Whenever feasible, the school site council may include within the above plan any plans required by other categorical programs.

Plans developed for the state’s Immediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program pursuant to Education Code 52054 or the federal schoolwide programs pursuant to 20 USC 6314 et seq. shall satisfy the requirement for a single plan for student achievement (Education Code 64001).

The school site council shall annually review and update this plan, including the proposed expenditure of funds allocated to the school for these programs (Education Code 64001).



A. School Site Councils
When required for participation in state programs, school site councils shall be composed of the following (Education Code 52012, 52852, 54724):
1. The principal
2. Teachers selected by the school’s teachers
3. Other school personnel chosen by the school’s other personnel
4. Parents/guardians of students attending the school chosen by other such parents/guardians, or community members chosen as representatives by such parents/guardians.
5. In secondary schools, students attending the school chosen by other such students
A district employee may serve as a parent/guardian representative on the site council of the school his/her child attends, provided the employee does not work at that school (Education Code 52852).
School site councils may function on behalf of other committees in accordance with law (Education Code 52176, 52870, 54425; 5 CCR 3932).

B. Single Plan for Student Achievement
AR 0680
The plan shall, at a minimum (Education Code 64001):
1. Address how funds provided to the school through any of the programs identified in Education Code 64000 will be used to improve the academic performance of all students to the level of the performance goals established by the Academic Performance Index.
2. Identify the school’s means of evaluating progress toward accomplishing those goals.
The Governing Board shall review and approve the plan at a regularly scheduled meeting. The Board also shall review and approve any subsequent revisions that include material changes affecting the academic programs for students participating in these programs. The Board shall certify that, to the extent allowable under federal law, the plan is consistent with district local improvement plans required as a condition of receiving federal funding (Education Code 64001).

Board Policy Adopted: October 5, 2004

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