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How to Handle Bullying

Bullying Prevention in Positive Behavior Support: Expect Respect

Telling Someone to Stop

  • Step One: If someone treats you in a way that feels disrespectful, use the school- wide stop phrase. Say, “stop” in an assertive tone.
  • Step Two: If the person stops, say “cool” or “OK” and move on with your day
  • Step Three: If the person does not stop, decide whether to ignore the person or seek support
    • If you decide to ignore, don’t look at or talk to the perpetrator.
    • If you decide to seek support, select the nearest school adult to approach and ask for support immediately.

 If You Tell a Person to Stop and They Don’t

  • Step One: Decide whether to ignore it or seek support
  • Step Two: If you seek support, select the nearest school adult to report to immediately.
  • Step Three: Approach the adult, and say “I’m having a problem with. I asked him/her to stop and he/she continued.”
  • Step Four: If the adult doesn’t have time to help solve the problem right then, ask the adult when he or she will have time and make an appointment.

If you observe someone using the stop phrase and the perpetrator doesn’t stop

  • Use the stop strategy toward the perpetrator
  • Ask the recipient to go with you, and leave the area.
  • Comfort the recipient later by saying something like “I’m sorry that happened. It wasn’t fair.”


Other resources that are available to me are:

Conflict Mediation - Students who help other students resolve conflict privately.

  • You may obtain a Conflict Mediation Form from: a teacher, the Counseling Center, or from our school website.
  • Fill out all known information and submit form:to the Counseling Center or online.

Repeated bullying - the same person you asked to "STOP" is continuing to harass you for more than one day.

  • Go to the front office and ask to write a statement about what is happening.
  • Give it to any adult in the front office and an administrator will handle it.

District Complaint - a complaint form that is submitted to the CNUSD district office

  • After you have submitted a student statement to the administration.
  • Ask an administrator for a Student Harassment Report form and return it when finished.

Police Report - the police department can handle harassment that happens outside of school.

  • Do some research if you do not know the laws pertaining to your situation.
  • Contact the local police department (not 911) to ask about the process.
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