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Intermediate school counseling services help support students academically, behaviorally, and social emotionally.  The school counselors provide school-wide educational and informative presentations and assemblies to help students address and navigate the intermediate school years.  Additionally, school counselors can meet with students individually to provide social emotional support and connect families with local support agencies when needed. 

When students meet with school counselors, all information shared is confidential. A student’s confidentiality and privacy are important to help the student feel safe and comfortable in the counseling environment. The exceptions to confidentiality include any information related to the student or others being hurt or in danger of being hurt. It is the duty of the school counselor to support students in a way, which respects their feelings and needs but when necessary, enlist the support of other agencies to help ensure the safety of the child and/or others.

Citrus Hills has one full-time counselor and one part-time counselor available to provide services to all students.  If your child is in need of social emotional, academic, attendance, and/or behavior support, please contact the Citrus Hills School counselors.


Counseling Team:

Mr. Yoshida:  [email protected]s
Ms. Grijalva:  [email protected]    

School Front Office: (951) 736-4600 
CHIS School Counseling Referral (linked here)

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